Amunet Speaks (formerly Amunet Shah), is a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in electronic music production and engineering, singing/songwriting, and video art. She’s been a prominent, yet elusive fixture in dance music for many years. Always near, yet perpetually out of reach - and widely known to turn down more gigs than she accepts. 

Prior to the pandemic, she offered up her vocal skills for a variety of accomplished producers, kicked off a residency at Output (just prior to their closing), and over the years, maintained a reputation as a highly sought after and technically advanced DJ – considered by some as one of the best.

She’s performed live as a vocalist at Fabric in London with Kate Simko and Tevo Howard, Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village with the London Electronic Orchestra, and Output in Brooklyn - as both a vocalist and DJ. Along with her former band, Jaded Lover, she opened for Philip Glass in Manhattan, and Tiefshwarz at Resolute in Brooklyn.

Amunet left the band to pursue a solo career, but quickly became immersed in a string of collabs with Kate Simko and the duo, Slumber (Amber Cox & Oona Dahl). These propelled her lyrics/vocals to be signed to Sasha’s LNOE imprint, Fabric/Houndstooth, and The Vinyl Factory. Kate and Amunet’s “All Heart,” originally released on the "Save Fabric" compilation, received support from Roger Sanchez and Terry Francis, as well as a remix from Matt Tolfrey and Huxley on Leftroom.

Amunet’s lyrics/vox for Slumber’s “Temple,” were released on Motek and led to various remixes by Miyagi, Of Norway, and Chris Fortier, with Miyagi’s remix breaking into the top 100 at Beatport.

Presently, Amunet is laser-focused on releasing her own sound into the world. Happily settled into her current home studio, and after years of roadblocks and setbacks - her life’s work finally moves to the forefront.

Amunet's premier solo production, “Verity of Starting,” is set for release on July 26th, 2024.


It takes 20 years to make an overnight success....”

A Long Strange trip...

Originally from California, Amunet (born Abagale Fischer) traveled with her  father in a VW bus from Monterey to the beaches of Florida in the 80's - subsequently, becoming immersed in the early club and rave scenes of Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Her obsession with underground dance music and dancing eventually led her to become a DJ and pursue an Audio degree from Full Sail University.

 No stranger to hard work, she’s spent most of her adult life continuing to master the craft of producing and engineering her own music to sing over, a choice she made while still a teenager, not yet understanding the challenges that would ensue. Due to the amount of work and skill involved, it’s still uncommon for singer-songwriters to mix/engineer their own music, as many depend on professional audio engineers.

 Abagale’s father, Eddy Fischer (pictured on far right) was a lifelong music partner and close friend of Denny Doherty of The Mamas and The Papas. Singing and recording with her dad since she was a child, she was exposed to a multitude of genres, with strong influences of blues, jazz, folk, funk, classic rock, reggae, R&B, and early electronic – with jungle, and UK hardcore becoming the first dance music she’d sing over.

Though raised as a singer, (she once sang the National Anthem for her high school), her body and soul have always been entwined with underground dance music. It all began when she was a kid with the discovery of acid house and early rave music, and continued as she became a well-known dancer and DJ in Orlando, Fl. during the late 90’s. Her natural ability as a DJ led to a successful career early on, resulting in a residency at Club Firestone and various appearances at venues throughout Florida.

After graduating from Full Sail, Abagale embarked on a tour in The Dominican Republic. While there, she earned an income solely from DJ’ing, regularly headlining the same venues as Sasha, Digweed, Danny Howells, etc, and was asked to judge various DJ competitions and be interviewed on the radio.

When she decided to head back to the states, she made a break for the Big Apple. But after turning down a headlining gig at Crobar just weeks after arriving (due to burn out), she’d unwittingly agreed to restart from zero again in her home country. And although she regretted turning down the opportunity, she realized she had some growing up to do; both as a person and a musician,  beyond the one-dimensional DJ world.

Fast forward to 2024, and her life-long pursuit led her to settle along the Eastern banks of the Hudson River, a stone’s throw from Manhattan. It’s here where she submerges herself in the art of nature, whilst meticulously crafting her songs for the world...