Amunet captures the flavor, attitude, and transcendence of classic house in both delivery and lyrics.”

— DJ Mag - 2016

Crowd Response:

"I'm blown away, people were asking me your name and I heard multiple people exclaiming how sick you are. I've never heard a crowd talk so much about the DJ in such a short amount of time.." - Club patron @ “Let The Music Play” - Output, Brooklyn, N.Y

"OMG that was the party of the year for me..I was so impressed by you, you had groupies! It was like watching "Club MTV" - Club patron @ “Let The Music Play” - Output, Brooklyn, N.Y


Amunet Speaks

Born By The Sea, Made in the city

Amunet's sublime technical skill and refined sound as a DJ, commanded an equal level of expertise as a producer/engineer. She’s spent the past 15 years relentlessly honing her craft in the studio to bring her creations to life...

Amunet wrote, produced, and engineered her premier release, “Verity of Starting,” and does not utilize AI audio technology. Her sound is raw and real - veering away from overproduction, samples, and loops - while leaning heavy into her drum machine and live recorded synths.

"Verity of Starting," is a heady trip through atmospheric house and techno, guiding the listener through a landscape of sound, evoking the innate texture and synthesis found in early dance music. It’s a song that fits nicely on the late-night dance floor, or just as easily an introspective night at home. Decidedly light on the vox, though emblazoned with a telltale tone - her voice floats atop the 808 with whispers of personal epiphanies. Integrated with the music – her accompanying visuals create striking composites of a story within a story. In Amunet’s headspace, the nexus of music and video are intrinsically tied.

Prior to the pandemic, she offered up her singing and songwriting to a variety of notable producers. The collabs with Kate Simko & Tevo Howard led her to perform live with them at Fabric in London and received support from Terry Francis and Roger Sanchez.  Her highly acclaimed vocals for Slumber’s (Amber Cox & Oona Dahl), “Temple,” ushered Miyagi’s remix into the top 100 at Beatport.

"Verity of starting," and full music video will be available worldwide on July 26th, 2024.

 Past Discography: LISTEN 

“Temple” feat. Amunet Shah – Slumber – Motek – Remixed by Of Norway, Miyagi, and Chris Fortier

“All Heart” feat. Amunet Shah – Kate Simko – Fabric/Houndstooth. Remixed by Matt Tolfrey & Huxley - Leftroom

“Bring It” feat. Amunet Shah – Kate Simko & Tevo Howard – Last Night On Earth

“Waiting Games” feat. Amunet Shah – Kate Simko – The Vinyl Factory

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